Embiid Injury

Just as Sixers fans were celebrating an upcoming playoff trip, and the return of first overall pick Markelle Fultz, Joel Embiid left the game Wednesday after colliding with Fultz. After being taken to the hospital, sources have stated he has a facial fracture and concussion and is expected out 2-4 weeks.  Continue reading

Good News of The Day 3/22

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Sam Hinkie’s, not you Bryan Colangelo, process is alive and well. By winning their 40th game of the season last night they further solidified their status as eastern conference contender. They also proved Colin Cowherd wrong and he now has to wear a Sixers jersey on air. The Chester Doctrine has kindly offered to overnight him a jersey after he complained he could not find one in LA, lets see if you takes us up on the offer. #TrustTheProcess