Box Squats: Why you’re probably doing them wrong

The box squat: One of the most under utilized, and incorrectly used exercises in the strength and conditioning world. You see it in your local gyms, college weight rooms, and team programming, but not many coaches or athletes understand the true meaning behind why we use it, or are even using it for the wrong reasons. Continue reading

This Week’s News Around the NHL 3/4/18-3/10/18

Hurricanes taking applications for general manager job through Twitter

Ron Francis is out as the GM of the Carolina Hurricanes, so the hunt begins for a new General Manager and apparently many fans were inquiring about the position. Therefore, the Hurricanes are accepting open applications from anyone who wishes to apply. Here is the link, everyone should check it out. (

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What is going on in Vegas?

With the odds of success by expansions teams looking bleak in the past, Vegas has bet against the odds and is running away with their winnings. The last two expansion teams were the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Minnesota Wild in the 2000-2001 NHL season. Columbus finished with a record of 28-39-9-6 (71 points) and Minnesota recorded a record of 25–39–13–5 (68 points), however the Las Vegas Golden Knights already have a record of 32-12-4 (68 points). This Vegas team fueled by young talent and a tremendous veteran presence in Marc Andre Fleury has beaten the odds set by onlookers of the NHL.

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