March Madness

**To listen to RJ and Will make up the rules and pick their bracket click on the podcast link above**

Enter our group for the chance to win a Chester Doctrine T-shirt. HOWEVER, you must pick the winners of each round using the following rules.

Round of 64: Popular teams/players, must pick at least one 16 seed

Round of 32: Your favorite color, with your 2nd favorite color being the tie breaker

Sweet 16: Whichever coach has the most swag (by your definition)

Elite 8: Whichever team is paying their players more (your opinion)

Final 4: Your pick, however you want to pick the teams

Championship: whoever you want

**You are allowed one pick per round that does not follow the rules**

Follow the directions below and let us know on social media that you are playing!

This message is from WILL UPDEGROVE who is challenging you to play Tournament Challenge on

Get in on the excitement of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Invite friends and family to join your group, fill out up to 25 brackets, and earn bragging rights by winning it all! Compete for a chance to win the grand prize package worth $19,950!

Get in the action now:

Group: The Chester Doctrine
Password: doctrine