Embiid Injury

Just as Sixers fans were celebrating an upcoming playoff trip, and the return of first overall pick Markelle Fultz, Joel Embiid left the game Wednesday after colliding with Fultz. After being taken to the hospital, sources have stated he has a facial fracture and concussion and is expected out 2-4 weeks.  Continue reading

Possible OBJ trades

According to multiple reports the Giants are listening to offers for star WR OBJ following his statements that he wont play until he gets a new contract. Should the Giants trade him? probably not. Will they? maybe. Here is who I think is interested and would actually trade for him


Possible trade: Continue reading

Good News of The Day 3/22

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Sam Hinkie’s, not you Bryan Colangelo, process is alive and well. By winning their 40th game of the season last night they further solidified their status as eastern conference contender. They also proved Colin Cowherd wrong and he now has to wear a Sixers jersey on air. The Chester Doctrine has kindly offered to overnight him a jersey after he complained he could not find one in LA, lets see if you takes us up on the offer. #TrustTheProcess

What To Do With 1 Billion Dollars, without Paying Athletes

In the year of 2017, the NCAA has generated a 1 billion dollar profit. With this news, the call to pay student-athletes is now stronger than ever.

However, many student athletes are already paid…through benefits such as tuition, meal plans and housing. While some arguments are logical—to provide student-athletes with salaries—it is really through the expansion of these said benefits where the NCAA should aim to improve their athletes’ lives. Not through any form of salary or cash. Continue reading

Malcolm Butler Theory

I have a theory about why Malcolm Butler didn’t play in the super bowl and it has something to do with Bill Belichick’s future. For those of you who listen to A Chester Minute you know that going into the game I thought the Patriot’s CBs were perfect matchups for the Eagles WRs. While Gilmore proved me right by shutting down Jeffery in the second half of the game, my theory was based on Butler, one of the Patriot’s best defenders doing his share.

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