Phillies Preview and MLB Predictions

After a inconsistent season last year where the phillies were 66-96, they are looking to bounce back and be in contention for a wild card spot in the National league. The Phillies have a lot of young talent that is going to be exciting to watch. If they can stay consistent throughout May and June, their record should improve drastically. The Phillies had one of the worst months in Mlb history last year as they went 3-25 in the month of may, as well as having a very bad month of June as well. However, they turned it around in the second half of the season playing around 500 baseball as they went 41-40.

I look for the Phillies to stay more consistent this upcoming season. With the addition of Jake Arrieta, This rotation should be a lot more stable, and it should have a nasty 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation with Nola and Arrieta. They have a solid bullpen lead by Pat Nescheck. I also believe that Jared Eickoff will bounce back after a disappointing season in 2017.

Projected starting rotation

1.Aaron Nola

2. Jake Arrieta

3.Jared Eickoff

4.Vince Valasquez

5.Nick Pivetta

Their offense last season was solid throughout for the most part and I look for that to continue in 2018. With the addition of Carlos Santana, the Phillies now have a veteran, who can lead these young guys in the right direction. All these young core of players look like the Phillies could have a very impressive lineup. Rhys Hopskins is the true star on this team, as he was unbelievable in a short amount of time last season. I look forward for him to have an all star season coming up, and lead this team in homeruns and Rbis. other guys like Obdubel Herrera, Nick Williams, JP Crawford, and Scott Kingery should make this lineup very dynamic in a lot of different ways. Hopefully a bounce back season from Maikel Franco, who has to work on his discipline at the plate, but has so much talent as a player.

Phillies projected lineup

1.Cesar Hernandez 2nd base

2.Obdubel Herrera Center field

3.Carlos Santana 1st base

4.Rhys Hopskins Left field

5.Nick Williams Right field

6. Maikel Franco 3rd base

7. Jorge Alfaro Catcher

8.Jp Crawford shortstop

Aaron Alther and Scott Kingery will be role players as well

Team Prediction:

I’m going to have the Phillies finish 84-78 , 2nd in the NL east, and just miss out on a wild card spot in the National league. this team should improve a lot and it should be fun to watch this upcoming season

Team MVP: Rhys Hopskins 36 Homeruns 2.70 batting average 103 Rbis.

Team Cy young; Aaron Nola 2.93 era 16-8 win-loss record 201 Strikeouts

Mlb Predictions

NL MVP-Paul Goldschmitt

AL MVP-Mike Trout

AL Cy young-Chris sale

NL Cy young-Noah Syndergaard

American League




wild card 1-Redsox

wild card 2-Twins

National league




Wildcard 1:Diamondbacks

Wild Card 2:Brewers

Al Champ-Indians

Nl Champ-Cubs

World series- Indians over Cubs



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