Cheesesteak Review #2- Michael’s

**for info on how the boys will review cheesesteaks, check out the “Cheesesteak review info” article found below**

Location: Michael’s Sandwich Shop

Order: Cheesesteak with wiz and fried onions

RJ’s review: This is a very good cheesesteak. The taste is very good, the roll is solid, and the cheese was good as well. Just enough where it was messy, but not too messy. There just enough onions and a good amount of meat. For me this is a good cheesesteak, and I would highly recommend it.


Final Grade: A


Will’s Review:

Overall a solid cheesesteak from a small, family owned place. There were good proportions as far as meat, onions and whiz. Everything tasted fresh and flavorful and I don’t have any complaints. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a good cheesesteak without having to travel into Philly.

Final Grade: A-


Location: While the place is on the smaller side, it is not too small. The service is great from all the staff and they provide a nice, laid back feeling by having you pay after you have eaten.

Location Grade: A

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