Why the Jets lost the trade with the Colts

On Saturday the Jets acquired the No.3 overall pick from the Colts for (according to various sources) exchange for their No. 6 pick, 37th and 49th overall picks in the 2018 NFL Draft and a second round pick in the 2019 draft. I believe that this trade was a huge win for the Colts. Chris Ballard who is the GM for the Colts now has the high draft picks to go into the draft and get a ton of premiere talent for Andrew Luck and their defense for years to come. The Jets moved up 3 spots and traded all of those valuable picks to possibly get a quarterback that wasn’t there number one choice because there will be 2 quarterback needy teams in front of them.  Even though every quarterback needy team in the draft would love to have Sam Darnold as their franchise QB I strongly believe he will be drafted to the Cleveland Browns with the No.1 pick.  I am strongly convinced that if either the Giants stay at the No.2 pick or if the Bills or Cardinals trade picks with the Giants I believe they will take Josh Rosen at No.2. The Jets would then have to decide between Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen, and I think they would take Baker Mayfield. Baker Mayfield is the most accurate passer of all the quarterbacks in the draft, however I don’t see Baker being a great fit with the Jets.  If the Giants don’t take a QB, which I wouldn’t recommend, then the trade would work out in the Jets favor depending on if they take Rosen or Mayfield. I believe that in the Giants best interest in the future it would benefit them to take a QB in this quarterback driven draft.  Unless the Jets love Mayfield and think that he can be the face of the franchise I still believe that trade was worthless and they should hope that Josh Rosen is still available at No.3 as Rosen appears to me to be the 2nd best QB in the draft.


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