New Ace in the City of Brotherly Love

On March 11th, 2018  Jake Arrieta signed a 3 year $75 million dollar contract with the  Philadelphia Phillies.  Arrieta was a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs for the past 5 seasons,  and was a vital member of their World Series championship team in 2016.  In the 2017 season Arrieta was 14-10 with a 3.53 ERA. This past season was the first time in his career time where he had double digit losses in a season.  Even though his 2017 season wasn’t as great as his 2015 CY young award year,  his stats over the last 3 years compare favorably to other elite pitchers like Max Scherizer,  Zack Greinke and David Price. Arrieta is an experienced veteran who knows what it takes it to win,  and who can be a great mentor to the other pitchers on the Phillies. I believe Arrieta and Aaron Nola can be a 1, 2 punch and will cause problems for other teams this year.  Even though the Phillies acquired Arrieta and other free agents this offseason  I don’t think they will win the division. My NL East predictions are the Mets winning the division, Nationals will take 2nd and make the playoffs, I think the Phillies have a lot of promising talent on offense and they will finish third in the division. I believe that the  are a year or too from winning the division and making the playoffs. The Miami Marlins will finish last in the division. I think the loss of Stanton really hurts there offense, and they will need a year to find their offensive identity.

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