Cheesesteak review

**for info on how the boys will review cheesesteaks, check out the “Cheesesteak review info” article found below**

Locations: Jim’s Steaks

Address: 469 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA 19064

Order: Pepper Steak w/ Onions and Wiz


RJ’s Review:

Overall this was a decent cheesesteak for me. I enjoyed the bell peppers on the cheesesteak and made the last minute decision to get wiz on it instead of American cheese. My biggest problem that I had with it is that I did not really taste the cheese that much and the meat lacked a little bit of flavor. The roll was good, which is always important. I would say that this is a good cheesesteak, not a great one in my opinion.

Final Grade: B

Will: Overall I was disappointed in this cheesesteak. While it was not bad, it genuinely lacked flavor. The meat was okay, the whiz was either not enough or just poor quality and onions and peppers actually added little, if any, flavor. I would not say this was a bad cheesesteak, but it did not live up to the hype I had heard after living in this area for the past few years.


Final Grade: B-


Location: We both agree that the location is nice with a good dining area and the staff was friendly. If you want a nice place to take someone for a cheesesteak this would suffice. Addtionally, there are other Jim’s locations that were not a part of the grading criteria.

Location Grade: A-


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